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As of 20.11.2017 we offer monthly subscription plans for all Jongate’s solutions. The licensing mechanism works just as before, except that the provided licenses will be active for the subscription period only. This period can be as long as just one month or up to one year – depending on the customer requirements. The perpetual licenses will be available to our customers upon requests only.

Monthly subscription plans are now availble for all our solutions.

How Subscription Works

After the subscription period ends the solution’s license can be renewed at any time and for different period of time. All procedures like buying, downloading, registering, activating and de-activating have been streamlined and are done via internet.

Why Subscription Model

We believe the new model will be much more appealing to our customers. The concept of pay-as-you-go is ideal not only for start-ups and budget-oriented broadcasting companies but for everyone that prefers to pay the costs as they occur and not to pay a large amount upfront. This new subscription model is also perfect for the time-limited broadcasting projects that require the use of the broadcasting solutions for a limited period of time. By offering our solutions on subscription basis we guarantee to our customers that they can have the necessary solutions when they needed them and not be forced to pay for longer period than required. This way our customers can actually reduce their spending on broadcasting solutions.

Maintenance and Support

In addition, the new subscription plans provide to our customers a full maintenance and support for the subscribed period as well as the latest versions of the solutions.

Subscription Plans

You can find all the monthly subscription plans for our Jongate’s solutions published on our Buy page. As usual, the stated prices are per one solution installed on one physical system. Prices are available in both EUR and USD.

What’s next

Now the new pricing model is a fact, we’re feeling excited and will continue our work on improving our broadcasting solutions.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

Stay tuned for our future updates and new releases.

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