Automated And Manual Graphics Preset Control Support in JPlayout, JGraphics, JCapture and JIPEncoder

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JGraphics now allows manual graphics preset control.

JGraphics now allows manual graphics preset control.

The new releases of JPlayout, JGraphics, JCapture and JIPEncoder now support manual graphics preset control. The functionality is available through the Graphics Preset List control form. All the pre-built graphic presets are listed and available for manual Start, Pause and Stop. Each graphic preset needs to be pre-built either in the integrated graphics module into the corresponding product (playout, capture and IP encoder) or in the stand-alone JGraphics solution. Once built and saved, the graphic preset is available for manual control. The preset control form also allows simultaneous control of several graphical presets, using the control multi-select feature. The manual graphic control enables the solution for TV shows and live productions.

Apart from the manual graphics preset mode, JPlayout now also supports automated graphics preset insertion. Each file and stream source can be assigned with one or several graphics overlays. The new key feature allows several graphics presets to be assigned to one single playlist element. This helps achieve better organization and control of the graphics layers. With the new automated graphics preset control functionality each clip can be set to either show or to hide pre-defined set of graphic presets. The new functionality is available through the playout Events that control each media item in the playlist.

Having the manual graphics control functionality implemented, the stand-alone JGraphics solution can now be used in a standard CG overlay systems with SDI, HD-SDI, Composite, Component input/output, overlaying graphics on top of the video signal being passed-through.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

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