JCapture PRO Now with Monitoring Option

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JCapture PRO now offers Monitoring features

JCapture PRO now offers Monitoring features

As we have promised you a couple of weeks ago – our Capture & Encoding solution had been further extended with some exciting new set of features.

The latest release of JCapture PRO is now available.The solution now offers new audio and video monitoring functionality. The new Monitoring option allows monitoring of the input audio and video signal during the capture process. In case of  input signal errors and interruptions, it displays alarm message on screen in the logging form. And it also writes the detected errors into a log file.

The following detections and features are available in the current JCapture PRO with Monitoring option release:

– Black video frame detection;

– Freeze video frame detection;

– Noise audio detection;

– Silence audio detection;

– Error logger.

The new set of features in our Capture & Encoding solution will significantly improve both:

  • the overall stability of the product and
  • the whole broadcast workflow.

Adding the Monitoring option allows broadcasters to promptly detect any input audio & video signal problems. It also provides logging and error notifications. The error logger visualizes all the detected errors that have occurred during the capture process. All the log files are then saved on the hard drive for later preview and analysis.

Coming soon: The Monitoring option to be implemented in our IP Encoder & Streaming Solution – JIPEncoder.

Stay tuned for more! There are upcoming updates and new releases.

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