Our MultiViewer solution is Released

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JMultiViewer – Multiview Monitoring with Autonatic Audio, Video and Signal Errors Detection, Error Loging and E-mail Notification

JMultiViewer – our solution for Multiview Monitoring offers multi-channel mosaic preview.  

The JMultiViewer has been released. This is our MultiViewer solution for monitoring multiple input audio and video streams from different sources. The MultiViewer solution accepts multiple sources, such as:

  • hardware SDI live sources,
  • network streams;
  • local files.

Depending on the number of sources, the preview panels are intelligently distributed in the main preview area. Each stream preview has audio level preview from 1 to 32 audio channels per program, with the possibility to enable the audio preview for only one or multiple programs. Multi-program Transport Stream is supported as a network source and as local file playback for preview, displaying all the available programs in the MPEG Transport Stream. The MultiViewer offers seek control  for the local and some of the network file-based source streams.

Here are some of the main features of the solution:

  • Powerful and easy to use MultiViewer solution;
  • Input interfaces:
    – SD-SDI;
    – HD-SDI;
    – 6G-SDI;
    – HDMI;
    – Composite;
    – Component;
    – IP;
    – HTTP;
    – HLS;
    – UDP;
    – RTP;
    – RTSP.
  • Containers supported:
    – MPEG Transport Stream;
    – MPEG Program Stream;
    – MP4;
    – MXF;
    – AVI;
    – WMV.
  • Simultaneous file source, IP stream based and file based source, and hardware input device source;
  • Multi-program Transport Stream support;
  • Video Compressions Supported: MPEG-1/2, AVC/H.264, DV, WMV;
  • Audio Compressions Supported: PCM, MPEG Audio Layer I/II/III, AAC, WMA;
  • Multi-audio support and control;
  • Seek per-stream control;
  • Frame accurate seeking;
  • Programs, channels, stream list and detailed information;
  • Clock.

In the next few weeks we are planning to add some quite interesting features. Like error detection, error logging and notifications. Automatic monitoring for black and freeze frames and for audio boise and silence can be quite useful. And they are already in development. So you might want to check out our website regularly.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

Stay tuned for our future updates and new releases.

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