Integrated graphics overlay in JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture

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We are proud to announce the graphics overlay integration in our main broadcast product line. JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture have now integrated JGraphics, which is the main graphics editor and overlay solution. The graphics overlay comes with a graphics designer, which can be used for logo insertion, still image insertion, animated image sequence objects, text objects, crawls, rolls, clocks, RSS feeds and more, where a set of graphical objects can be grouped into a preset and later applied in any of the integrated products.

JGraphics offers all the standard graphics overlay elements, graphic presets, full integration with JPlayout and more great features.

JGraphics offers full integration with JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture, allowing th solutions to add graphics overlay on-the-fly.

The integration with the JPlayout solution is fully automated – each graphical preset can be assigned to a playout clip as a graphical event to be displayed at the beginning of the clip and to be hidden at the end of the clip. The graphical events, along with the graphical preset information are preserved in the saved playout playlist for easy transportation.

In JIPEncoder and JCapture graphics overlay integration works in live mode, allowing live graphics editing and insertion into the captured files / streams. For both solutions, the graphics overlay is applied on the input raw stream, which is then passed for encoding, multiplexing and streaming or ingest.

Along with the playout, ingest and streaming integration, the JGraphics solution is also available as a stand-alone product, which can perform internal and external keying using BlackMagic DeckLink card having SDI, HDMI, Composite or Component interface.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

Stay tuned for our future updates and new releases.

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