TV GLOBO Network Brasil expands its JMultiViewer PRO installations to support Globo Play services

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Following the successful deployment of JMultiViewer PRO in its Sao Paolo offices last year, TV Globo decided to install Jongate’s multiview monitoring solution in their offices in Rio de Janeiro. The new project is going to support the Globo Play services and will be executed in two phases. Phase one had already been accomplished in January 2017. The first phase of deploying JMultiViewer solutions had enabled Globo for real-time preview and monitoring of up to 240 channels in HD resolution. And after completing the second phase Globo Play will have the capacity to monitor more than 400 HD channels.

JMultiViewer – Multiview Monitoring with Automatic Audio, Video and Signal Errors Detection, Error Loging and E-mail Notification

JMultiViewer – Multiview Monitoring with Automatic Audio, Video and Signal Errors Detection, Error Loging and E-mail Notification

As the largest TV broadcaster in Brasil and the second largest in the world Globo Network is always focused on delivering best quality of experience to its customers.  With its own ten television stations and 68 affiliated stations, TV Globo’s commitment to excellence is an everyday challenge. Globo Play is Globo’s digital video platform for both video-on-demand and live programming available on smartphones, tablets and PCs. For its operations Globo Play needed powerful and intelligent multiview monitoring solution for video and audio preview and monitoring of both live feed and file based content.

Sterling do Brasil – JONGATE’S dedicated partner for Latin America, had ensured the successful implementation of the project. “We take this opportunity to thank our partner for Latin America Mr. Nestor Almeida and the entire team of Sterling do Brasil for their commitment and support.” – said Mr. Tsviatko Jongov, Founder and CEO of JONGATE Broadcasting Solutions.

“We are thrilled that TV Globo had chosen our JMultiviewer PRO for their Globo Play offices.  It’s truly satisfying to know that our solutions take part in delivering first-class TV entertainment to TV Globo’s viewers.” – shared Mr. Jongov. “Along with the standard mosaic video and audio preview, our multuviewer monitoring option supports automatic instant detection of black frames, freeze frames, noise, audio silence and signal loss. The solution also has instant error logging and e-mail notifications upon detecting any anomalies. The enhanced automatic error notifications ensure faster reaction in any problematic scenario. This way our JMultiviewer PRO solution also increases the overall quality of service of any given workflow. ”

Coming soon: We are constantly iproving and expanding our solutions. More great features are already in development.

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