REST API Implemented in JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture

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The latest releases of JPlayoutJCapture and JIPEncoder now offer greater capabilities for third party integration and remote control. The solutions now have a REST API that can be used to configure, manage, and monitor the solutions through HTTP requests. The REST protocol is a proven and open standard that doesn’t need any special requirements. RESTful APIs are becoming the standard way of sharing and communicating data among applications and services on the internet.  REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and API for Application Programming Interface.

The REST API is easy-to-integrate in any third party media workflow. It allows the customers to monitor and remotely manage and configure large number of playout, capture and IP streaming servers simultaneously.

REST API added in JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture

REST API added in JPlayout, JIPEncoder and JCapture

REST API in JPlayout

JPlayout’s open architecture allows any third party application like Traffic and Media Asset Management software solutions to control the playout, retrieve the current playing status and position and retrieve the current playlist. The new API can also be used for integration of third party monitoring and redundancy solutions.

With the latest release JPlayout now offers full 24/7 automation and workflow capabilities. The solution provides intelligent watch folder for file aggregation, REST API for integration with Media Asset Management systems and networked supervision of multiple servers regardless whether deployed on-premises and/or in the cloud.

REST API in JIPEncoder

JIPEncoder’s REST API implementation allows external monitoring of the current encoding status and encoding configuration as well as external control over the encoding process. Third party solutions, which support REST API now can monitor and control multiple encoders simultaneously. The external monitoring and control of each encoder allows integration with third party redundancy solutions.

REST API in JCapture

JCapture’s open architecture now enables remote control and monitoring via REST API over the capturing process as well as integration with third party redundancy solutions. Multiple capture servers can now be monitored and managed simultaneously and regardless of the servers location.

The REST API comes for free and can be ‘one-click’ easily enabled from each product’s menu.

With these new releases of JPlayoutJCapture and JIPEncoder, the solutions can now be used in multi playout, encoding and capture workflows with remote monitoring, control and redundancy.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

Stay tuned for our future updates and new releases.

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