Sound Alarm Has Been Integrated in JMultiViewer

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The new release of JMultiViewer has been extended with sound alarm. This new feature brings sound alerts upon detection of black frame, freeze frame, sound noise, sound silence and network disconnection issues.

The sound alarm is an addition to the previously implemented on-screen and e-mail alarm messages. The latest release of JMultiViewer now offers full range of alarming capabilities – audio, video and text notifications.

In the latest release of JMultiViewer the operator can choose to arm a sound alarm upon detection of any input signal issue. The specific sound can be selected from the sounds already installed on the system. In case of detection of any input signal issue the sound alarm will play repeatedly until the input signal is restored and the issue has been resolved. The JMultiViewer solution also offers the possibility to manually disable the alarm.

JMultiViewer now offers sound alarm notification. The specific sound alarm can be selected from JMultiViewer's Sound Notification Setup.

JMultiViewer now offers sound alarm notification. The specific sound alarm can be selected from JMultiViewer’s Sound Notification Setup.

The JMultiViewer offers integrated audio, video and signal quality multiview monitoring functionality. The streams are monitored for black frames and freeze frames, for audio noise and audio silence, for signal loss and restore events. All the error detections are configurable – for excluding false positive results in different workflows, signal levels and content types. In case of detection of any such error or issue the operator now can choose to be notified by 3 ways:

– text message appearing on the screen;

– sound alarm with predefined sound;

– automatic e-mail notification with predefined messages and destination.

The enhanced automatic error notifications ensure faster reaction in any problematic scenario. This way the JMultiViewer solution also increases the overall quality of service of any given workflow.

In addition the JMultiViewer provides a comprehensive error logger. The logger holds, visualizes and stores on a local drive all the detection logs. Each detection is described with its corresponding log date and time, log type and message. It holds information about the program and stream where the error had been detected. The saved logs can be later used for errors review. An integration with any third party system is provided.

Coming soon: More great features are already in development.

Stay tuned for our future updates and new releases.

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